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While working in a simple code that iterates over an Enum in typescript I found a weird tests failure.

enum NotificationType {
  NewOffers = 1,
  ApplicationUpdates = 2,

const keys = Object.keys(NotificationType);

keys.forEach((key, index) => {
  console.log(`${key} has index ${index}`);

the example above will list 4 entries

"1 has index 0"
"2 has index 1"
"NewOffers has index 2"
"ApplicationUpdates has index 3"

Iterating over values

I would it fascinating. In my test case, I just wanted to iterate over the values - then funny enough, but not using keys, I get only two entries.

for (const notificationId of Object.values(NotificationType) as Array<number>) {
  console.log(`Value ${notificationId}`);
Value 1
Value 2